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About Gavin Stone
One of the hardest challenges I have faced yet since choosing this new path as an author is to write about myself! Recreating accounts of past experiences or passing on years of experience, training and knowledge is not anywhere near as hard as writing about myself. With that in mind, I'm hoping you can understand why I got a very good friend (someone who knows me better than I know myself probably) to write this section for me.
I've known Stone for a little short of 20 years. We've worked together all over the world and every time I think we've gotten into a position we're never going to get out of Stone always manages to come up with something! 
The scary stuff most people won't go near, Stone tackles head on! He dives right in and finds a way to make things happen. He's not the guy who gives up, he's the guy who gives all!
If an area comes up that Stone doesn't know about, instead of dismissing it he goes out and learns it! There's nothing he can't turn his hand to and no matter how many set backs he faces, he just keeps on going until he gets it right!
One of the most loyal men on the planet and has probably forgotten more about working as an operative in the field than I'll ever know! He's risked his life for me more than once and I'm glad to say he's my friend.
In the world of covert intelligence there are few dependable people and he's one of them. You can always count on the knowledge, that if he agrees to do something, it gets done!
When I first met Stone he seemed reserved and a little quiet but that's not his true side. He was just observing, taking mental notes until he knew enough to reveal some of the cards he kept so close to his chest!
One of, if not, the greatest man I've ever had the privilege of working with and knowing!
The Future
My plans are to write a series of books which I project at the moment to be around a volume of 12. They will be books based on some of my own experiences and training, as well as sections from CIA field manuals, tactics of the British SAS and Military Intelligence.     Secrets from MI6 and MI5. lessons from Delta Force training manuals. 
    Tradecraft used by the KGB and GRU, including revisions for the modern operative from SVR & FSB of the Russian Federation.
   The global Counter Terrorism stratergy and so much more that it would take too long to list.
    My aim is to have the first volume released for early 2016 and it will be crammed with training secrets, modern tradecraft, and huge amounts of never seen before information from the Intelligence Community.
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The last 2 years I have been working on several books to establish my career as an author.
Trainer & Mentor
The three years prior to my writiing, I have been training operatives in the covert surveillance, private security and intelligence as well as the close protection industry.
Intelligence Operative
For about 20 years I have worked in the field and I have plenty of stories to tell you about some of most heart pounding moments, close shaves, funny patches, sad times and thrilling days from my past!